Urbanator Band
The best musicians united!

The international project of Michał Urbaniak, which was created in New York and published by the Hip Bop Records. Urbanator established his position on the American music stage.

The composition of the band is co-created by fantastic musicians from the New York and London music scene. Urbanator (interchangeably) played among others: Lenny White, Frank Parker, Troy Miller (drums); All McDowell, Otto Williams (bass); Jon Dryden, Xantone Blacq, Pawel Tomaszewski (keyboards); Femi Temowo, Ed Hamilton, Jane Getter (guitar); Tom Browne, Michael Patches Stewart (trumpet); Solid, Andy Ninvalle, OSTR (rap).

Urbanator Band LIVE 2018: “Cuckoo’s Nest”

“Love Don’t Grow On Trees” feat. Marek Pędziwiatr

Michal Urbaniak & Urbanator performed on the most important music stages in the world: Ronnie Scott in London, Blues Alley in Washington, Bottom Line in New York, New Port Jazz Festival, Baker’s Keybords Launge in Detroit, West End in Chicago, Blue Note Tokyo and Osaka.

And so the first track from „Urbanator” (probably the best cover of Herbie Hancock’s „Chameleon” ever) is one of the pioneer fusions of jazz with rap. Scratches, horns, “broken” beats, laid-back drums and rap merged into a burning hit. Not less interesting is “Here I Go Again” with a gripping hook. And “Hot Jazz Biscuit” with its more classical attitude that exudes a pure acid-jazz spirit. The majority of tracks remained instrumental, but each one caught a vibe of early 90s. The most notable one is “Cats”, a splendid cover of „Kattorna”, a classic piece by the legendary Polish pianist, composer and Urbaniak’s mentor – Krzysztof Komeda. But the „Urbanator” LP wouldn’t be such a success without a bunch of top musicians – Herbie Hancock, Michael and Randy Brecker, Kenny Garrett, Lenny White, Al McDowell, Jon Dryden and Bernard Wright.


The debut album of the project entitled Urbanator was released in 1994 by Hip Bop Records. The material was recorded in the composition of Michał Urbaniak (violin, saxophone), Lenny White (drums), Al McDowell (bass) and Jon Dryden (keyboards). Many guests took part in the recordings, including pianist Herbie Hancock, saxophonist Michael Brecker and bass player Marcus Miller, as well as rappers Muckhead and Solid.

Urbanator II

The second album of the project Urbanator II went on sale in 1996 again thanks to Hip Bop Records. He replaced Rodney Holmes in the work of Lenny White. In turn, among the guests were among others trumpeter Tom Browne, guitarist Ed Hamilton and pianist Denzil Miller.

Beats & Pieces

First in 10 years! You will find very jazzy powerful tracks! When Michal Urbaniak is asked about the genre of music, he answers briefly … “UrbJazz”! So be ready for a amazing music! Album produced by Michal Urbaniak and Marek Pędziwiatr.