/ 2000

Michal Urbaniak: electric violin, lyricon
Urszula Dudziak: vocals
Kenny Kirkland: keyboards
Barry Eastwood: keyboards
Doc Powell: guitar
Marcus Miller: bass guitar
Yogi Horton: drums
Rick Galloway: percussion

This is 1980’s Serenade for the City, reissued on UBX Records, with additional tracks.

Recorded: Right Track Studios, and Hell’s Kitchen, New York, 1980

1. Bad Times (Tavares)
2. Circular Road (Urbaniak)
3. Nanava (Urbaniak)
4. Sometimes (Miller)
5. Serenade for the City (Urbaniak)
6. Mika
7. Fall
8. Kasia
9. Vanessa
10. North One
11. French Kiss