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To whom it may concern
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The New York record label, UBX Records is planning to release a two album series of Michal Urbaniak.
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"For Lovers Only"! This unusual Cd i recorded on my Tenor Sax an my MacIntosh Computer writing a all the songs This in my real "Sax Love"! Happy Valentines Day!
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Oct 1st is the release date of new Mike Urbaniak's CD "Urbanator III. Cd features whole Urbanator Group and new guests like Mika, O.S.T.R., Solid, WWO, Muckhead, Lenny White, Mija,
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Violinist Michal Urbaniak teams up with pianist Horace Parlan's Trio (which also includes bassist Jesper Lundgaard and drummer Aage Tanggaard) on this mostly straight-ahead outing.
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Violinist Michal Urbaniak's first release to be made available in the U.S. (and reissued on CD in 1998) is very much in the mainstream fusion genre of the period.
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The legendary violin player shows here deep feelings through standards. It takes you to New York...like you were there....
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Finaly enybody can read my written music! I'm working now on perfecting my scoring and speed of arranging and composing. I'm really happy that I can do all of it in my laptop and anywhere.
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Be Bop Be Bop Be Bop Be Bop Be Bop Be Bop It was not so long ago that I was reviewing a Columbia re-release of Urbaniak's Fusion.
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Roman Kowal, 1991