Urbanator Days on crowdfunding site MegaTotal.pl

Michal Urbaniak will record new album with the participants of Urbanator Days thanks to Internet users from MegaTotal.pl

Michal Urbaniak, world-renowned jazz musician, is preparing a new album, with the winners of a series of workshops occur Urbanator Days. It will be fund by community gathered around the crowdfunding site MegaTotal.pl. In the project there will also participate Urbanator team members and distinguished guests, including Lodz rapper O.S.T.R. - Adam Ostrowski , Mika Urbaniak , Bervine Harris and Solid .

Engaging in cooperation with crowdfunding site MegaTotal.pl, Michal Urbaniak wants to show that there are alternative ways of doing things in the music that connect the artist with his fans not only during concerts, but also in working toward the album.

More about the project can be found here.

Saturday, 29 November, 2014