Miles of blue story

Thursday, 8 October, 2009

I was 14 when Miles Davis became my hero, the successor to Winnetou – he became my hero for life. To this day he is the greatest role model as a muso (for me, musicians are divided into professional musicians and musos). A muso can be illiterate or can be a great composer and musician who plays music for the sake of music, because they love music. And professional musicians are those who will notice during the rehearsal that at 12 noon they've got a break. When Miles Davis died I already had more than ten pieces at the ready, but when I saw that everyone was making a Miles D album, I decided to pull out of this unhealthy competition. And the drafts, I've kept them to this day. This year – on August 17 it will be 50 years since the release of Davis's “Kind of Blue”. I decided to commemorate the album, the best-selling album in jazz history (quadruple platinum, 200,000 copies sold annually). And the album is still on top. If I were to go on a desert island, that would be the record I would take as the only one. Out of adoration for Miles and respect for musicians, who have played with me or with Miles, I decided to release the record after all and I called it „Miles Of Blue”.